Our Mission

The CCBCC is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through access to capital, contracting, entrepreneurial training, business development, and advocacy.

Serving the Champaign County Since 2002

Access to Capital

Without capital businesses cannot perform necessary daily tasks, become established and cannot sustain growth. We collaborate with financial institutions, large and small, to create access for Black businesses to obtain credit, capital and other financial resources.


By educating members about contracting opportunities, we in turn assist them with bidding on larger scale contracts. Helping black owned businesses obtain access to contracts increases the number of sources for revenue strengthen local economies.

Entrepreneur Training

Performance is dependent on the growth, and that growth occurs through business training and management development. Opportunities for professional development, through education help our members to create and sustain successful businesses.


For change in the black economic sector to occur, legislature is a key component in business development. The CCBCC works continuously for legislation that grows small businesses. We also look to address the issues, and policies that prevent Black businesses from growing successfully. This approach brings collaborators from all political walks of life together, to advocate and promote the best interests of Black economic growth.

Business Development

As member, our most important focus is to ensure that you succeed. Local, state, and national networks are at your fingertips and we utilize these networks to provide technical assistance for the members of CCBCC. Training opportunities through in person and web based solutions, networking, business mentoring, business informational meetings, business operational check-ups, are just some of the benefits that members have access to. We want you, your business, the Black community of Champaign County to growth and to sustain this growth.