Power Efforts Make Big Change

A means for providing black business owners the opportunity to
participate in mainstream income.

The CCBCC Stands To

  • Educate African-American communities and businesses on the importance of starting and sustaining a business.
  • Ensure that all member chambers are thoroughly informed about laws and regulations that could impact their businesses.
  • Participate in the legislative process to ensure that African-American businesses are treated with equal opportunities and fairness.
  • Work with state and corporate allies to openly embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • The CCBCC is a non-profit organization whose criteria for action is determined by the objectives stated in the Mission Statement.

The CCBCC is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through access to capital, contracting, entrepreneurial training, business development, and advocacy.

The Champaign County Black Chamber of Commerce was established in 2002, and is affiliated with the state and national Black Chamber of Commerce.

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